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What is 24h-monitoring.com?

24h-monitoring.com is hosted by Igor Posokhov, Sc D., Ph D. and R. Hal Gant, B.S. Dr. Posokhov is a scientist and physician specializing in ambulatory blood pressure and ECG monitoring in Russia. Hal Gant is a consultant in the Cardiac Medical Devices Industry in the U.S. specializing in noninvasive ECG and Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitoring. This web site is designed as a presentation of our project to summarize the fundamentals of ambulatory monitoring of the cardiovascular system. It is our goal to publish a textbook for both medical students and medical professionals as result of this work. You will get an idea of the future textbook by reading the summaries of topics covered in this website. We encourage you to stay connected by following us on your favorite social network to get news and to participate in discussions.

Why 24h monitoring?

Imagine you need to know as much as possible about a person, characterize him or her in a very precise way - and all you have is just a single picture of the person. That would be difficult, wouldn’t it? What if you had a continuous video sequence instead? Correspondingly, a one-time blood pressure measurement or Electrocardiogram (ECG) is just a single, “snap shot” of a person’s medical condition at rest in the doctor’s office and not reflective of the real world life of that person. Continuous, or ambulatory monitoring of blood pressure and ECG during a 24-hour period (or even longer!) can provide a more realistic “picture” of a person’s medical condition by showing changes due to activity, medication, stress and other environmental changes throughout the day.

How do I use 24h-monitoring.com?

You can learn more about the subjects within 24h-monitoring.com by going to the subject list and clicking on a subject of interest. You are welcome to use all of the information gathered to date. If you find that any of the information provided is in error, outdated or needs more information added, please use the contact us screen or the social networks to send your comments or new material. We will gladly give credit for any original information we include. We also welcome your questions and comments on the subjects covered, our project or areas you would like to see included. Welcome to 24h-monitoring.com!

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Dr. Igor N Posokhov
R. Hal Gant